Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear Eastsider: Crime on a cul de sac has a resident worried

Amanda who lives in Silver Lake near the intersection of Rowena, Glendale and Fletcher asks how to protect her dead-end street from crime after a trio of vehicle break-ins and vandalism, including the theft of a car hood.

"I obviously wish I could rely on the police but I am not sure what they can do, besides patrol. Do you or your readers have any suggestions on how to protect our street and neighborhood from these petty crimes? It's well lit, but I think what lets these predators prey is we are not a through street; therefore [there is ] less of a risk of getting caught. I would really appreciate any advice at this point."

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  1. a watchful eye and a good loud car alarm. after having my battery stolen in silverlake years ago, i once put a chain and lock on the inside of my hood so you couldn't open it all the way without unlocking it. my battery was safe after that. also got in the habit of leaving nothing of any value in the car. that said, I have spent much time devising medieval methods of retribution for clowns who do crap like you describe. heard a story once about someone in new york who gift wrapped garbage and left it in his car with the windows down; of course someone took the boxes. might be a great way to get rid of bulky items and broken electronics.