Friday, June 19, 2009

A gang raid worthy of a block party

It's been nearly a year since the LAPD and other law enforcement agencies launched a massive raid on the Avenues Gang stronghold on Drew Street in Glassell Park. To honor the occasion, and show off the difference in the neighborhood, officials are throwing a Drew Street Block Party next weekend, according to Northeast Division Capt. Bill Murphy in his Northeast Newsletter. "This area has improved dramatically and we are going to celebrate with live music, free food, entertainment, and other kids activities," Murphy said.

In other crime news, Murphy notes a cluster of Highland Park car break-ins and some sporadic crime along Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock and Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park-Silver Lake. So far this year, major crime in the division is down more than 20% compared to 2008. That includes a drop in murders to 8 from 18.

Other notable news was the turnout of more than 1,000 people for Peace in the Northeast March in Highland Park. But some readers are disputing that figure as too high, according to one reader.

In other news. the Northeast Community Police Advisory Board will meet on Monday in Eagle Rock.


  1. Majority of the "marchers" were from Victory Outreach. Some Scientology members also seen. More than one thousand people, kind of stretching it, more like 600+ and not counting police/city paid employees. Resource fair, was fairly attended, but noticed many groups that had tables leaving around 2pm.

  2. After a good job over the summer nigth ligths now more cuts to parks and recreation. What do that mean ? Welcome gang members again . I don't understand it feels like they just did it to look good on the media now that paople are relectet again they don't come around ! Its the life on the hood !!!!