Monday, July 6, 2009

Dear Eastsider: Missing those mail boxes

Jim from Echo Park writes in to warn residents about the downside to having the Postal Service remove the sidewalk mail boxes from his part of the neighborhood.

"I was more than a little cheesed off at the Post Office for removing my local (right across the street) mailbox on Allesandro, but I figured it didn’t meet their criteria for “high traffic.” Then, to add insult to injury, someone stole a check out of my outgoing mail and forged their name on it and I’m out $800.

So- a word to the wise- don’t be a chump like me and put checks in your outgoing mail. Get in your car and waste a half hour and some gas going to the Post Office."

But does the risk of having your outgoing mail stolen outweigh the frustration of waiting in line at the Edendale post office?

Photo by Waltarrrr via Flickr


  1. yep. worst post office ever.

  2. I agree in part. There is one bad apple in the workers and he makes it look bad for all the other workers.