Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eastside Crime Watch *

Burglars were busy in Boyle Heights while criminals drove off with six cars in Echo Park and Silver Lake during June 22-28.

Echo Park & Silver Lake (90026)
There was trouble along a stretch of Alvarado between Sunset Boulevard and Montana Street in Echo Park, with two aggravated assaults reported on Sunday and violent robbery taking place a few days before. Most of the 21 crimes reported during the week were auto related, included six stolen vehicles in Echo Park and Silver Lake.

Lincoln Heights & Montecito Heights (90031)
Vehicle related crimes dominated the 10 incidents reported during the week. Four thefts from vehicles were reported near the intersection of Manitou Avenue and Thomas Street in Lincoln Heights.

El Sereno & Monterey Hills (90032)
Four out of the six crimes were reported were stolen vehicles in El Sereno.

Boyle Heights (90033)
Burglars hit six locations across the neighborhood.

Atwater Village & Silver Lake (90039)
Three out of the four crimes reported were vehicle related.

Eagle Rock (90041)

All but one of the six crimes, including an aggravated assault on Colorado Boulevard, took place in the western portion of the neighborhood.

Highland Park (90042)
Two out of the seven crimes reported were burglaries.

Cypress Park, Glassell Park & Mt. Washington (90065)
Two violent robberies hit Cypress Park and a pair of aggravated assaults were reported in Glassell Park.

* Correction: A previous version of this post said that most of the crimes in Eagle Rock took place in the eastern portion of the neighborhood. They were actually in the western portion. Thanks to Marcos El Malo for pointing that out.

This weekly report is based on the LAPD's online crime maps and police department reports filtered through

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  1. You are possibly directionally dyslexic. All but one of the crimes in ER (90041) occurred on the Western portion of the neighborhood.