Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Echo Park shooting on Glendale Boulevard *

At least two persons were shot multiple times in Echo Park tonight in what may have been a gang related shooting, according to early information from the Los Angeles Police Department.

The victims, including a 25-year-old male, were still breathing when police arrived on the scene in response to the shooting that took place at about 10:30 pm, said LAPD spokeswoman Karen Rayner. Both victims had been transported to nearby hospitals, she said.

The shooting occurred on Glendale Boulevard near Sunset Boulevard. Earlier reports from police and residents had indicated that the shooting had taken place near Effie Street. One resident reported hearing at least nine shots.

Rayner said it was not clear if Glendale Boulevard was open or not because of the shooting, which took place as Dodger fans were leaving the stadium.

* Update: The two male victims were shot at from a passing vehicle, according to preliminary information, said LAPD spokesman Richard French Thursday morning. One victim was shot in the leg and stomach; the other in the head and back. Both victims were in critical but stable condition this morning.


  1. don't you just love the instant street cred you get when you mention you live in EP? it's too bad that no one hears about this stuff outside of the neighborhood.

  2. I accidently stumbled across this. I was coming down the 2 ramp and a cop turned on its lights and passed me. When I got down to Glendale and I think Effie I saw a guy sitting on the sidewalk and leaning against the wall talking to cops. I turned into the neighborhood on Allesandro and up in there were more cops. One shone its super brights on me and then a helicopter started shining its lights on me and the surrounding streets.

    I have seen a lot of scary shit on this same stretch of Glendale; had to duck in my car trapped in the Jack in the Box line after hearing a ton of gunfire; and seeing a driveby shooting right in front of me in gridlock afternoon work traffic.

  3. Echo Park is a great place to live. You have probably about a couple of dozen of these stupid idiots that mess up the whole neighborhood. I just hope they kill each other and not innocent people. So go ahead learn to aim.

  4. Gangs are the ignorance of immigrants, not one should excuse the vile and embarrasingly low lives they pretend to live.

  5. "Gangs are the ignorance of immigrants?" This is pure ignorance and ignorance is where all the problems are born. You are utterly pathetic and though I gather that you are not in a gang, you are definitely a big part of the problem.