Thursday, July 9, 2009

LAPD conducts raid against the Toonerville gang in Atwater

The LAPD is scheduled to hold a 6 pm community meeting about the arrests of 20 people in connection with early morning raids against members of the Toonerville gang in north Atwater.

"LAPD Officers and Detectives were able to arrest suspected gang members that were recently served with warrants since the Toonerville Gang Injunction was enacted into law in Los Angeles County," said Sgt. Danny Roman in an email distributed to residents this afternoon.

Today's raid and serving of search warrants by a task force of law enforcement agencies resulted in twenty arrests on a variety of charges, "including four suspects responsible for four murders, four suspects responsible for attempted murder or firearm assaults and 12 suspects for other drug or weapon violations," the LAPD said in a statement.

"In addition to today’s arrests, the task force had already arrested 20 other suspects for a variety of offenses, including assault with a firearm, weapon charges, narcotic offenses and probation/parole violations. Five of these suspects already in custody are also expected to be charged with murder as well."

The investigation leading to the arrests was triggered by the fatal shooting last October of a motorcyclist at the interchange of the 210 and 2 freeways in Glendale.

Police requested an injunction last year against the long-time gang, whose members have been involved in a wide range of criminal activity, including murder, according to the LA Times. In 2007, Toonerville leader Timothy Joseph McGhee was convicted of three murders and of organizing an attack on officers.

Atwater Village Newbie carries an account of a local resident who awoke to gun shots and the SWAT team on the front lawn.

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