Thursday, July 9, 2009

LAPD online crime stats did not add up for Atwater residents

A story in the LA Times today said that the LAPD's online crime map, which the Eastsider uses for the Eastside Crime Watch, fails to include about 40% of the incidents logged into the department's internal reporting system. That was no news to former Atwater resident Jason Insalaco, who had complained about the under reporting of crime to the public on the community's message board.

"The community is not being accurately informed," Insalaco told the Times. "They are being misled and lulled into a false sense of security."

Northeast Division Capt. Bill Murhpy, who oversees Atwater, had previously defended the accuracy of the online crime stats made available to the public. But, Murphy told the Times, he had not checked the map for accuracy even though he and other police and public officials have advised residents to refer to the online system to stay informed.

"From my perspective, any time it's even slightly off, that can cause a question on all the statistics," Murphy told the Times.

LAPD officials said they will check into why so many of the crimes in its internal data base fail to show up on the public maps.

The Eastsider will continue to use information from the LAPD and filtered through to compile the weekly Eastside Crime Watch. While not complete, the LAPD crime maps remains the only publicly accessible and relatively up-to-date source of online crime stats.


  1. I'm not sure I understand. . . When we get the emails from Bill Murphy, the NELA LAPD Captain, do they contain the same information as the Crime Maps? Or do they have the full statistics in them?

    I haven't had a chance to attempt to cross-reference the two. . .

    Are you up to it, Eastsider?

  2. no surprise; half the things i see go down in the neighborhood are never on that list. no wonder crime is "down."

  3. Hi, Sarah. Murphy has said that his email reports are based on the complete crime statistics, not the more limited figures the public has access to on their crime map.