Friday, July 3, 2009

Northeast Division Newsletter: Watch those purses

The highlights from the July 2 Northeast Newsletter from Capt. Bill Murphy include news that purse snatchers are working Los Feliz and East Hollywood. Some of the purse snatchers have been seen driving around in a mid 1990s green Honda Civic. In Highland Park, meanwhile, burglars are stealing cash registers from Highland Park businesses. Officers also apprehended two men suspected to be behind some armed robberies in Cypress Park. "Hopefully this will eliminate this type of activity in the area," Murphy said in the email newsletter.

So far this year, through September 27, crime in Northeast is running below last year's figures. here are the Year-to-Date (YTD) figures Murphy provided:

YTD Violent Crime: Down 9.8%

YTD Property Crime: Down 22.2%

YTD Part I (total): Down 20.1%

YTD Homicide: Down 55.6% (8 vs. 18 last year)

YTD Robbery: Up 0.4% (up one crime versus last year 239 vs. 238)

  • All categories of crimes (except robbery) are down significantly compared to last year
  • We are down 684 total crimes YTD
  • NOE Area ranks FIRST in crime reduction City-wide (out of 21 police stations)
Photo by Miracle Machine via Flickr

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