Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Playing catch up with crime stats

If you are one of the Echo Park and Silver Lake residents who gets daily EveryBlock updates about new crime reports, don't panic. Today's email for the 90026 Zip Code contained reports of 41 new crimes, including a rape, murder and seven stolen vehicles. Tuesday's daily update was even worse: 166 crimes, including 69 thefts from vehicles. What's going on?

The data crunchers at EveryBlock are catching up with the 19,000 crimes that the Los Angeles Police Department has added to its public data base of crime reports viewable at LAPD crime maps. EveryBlock co-founder Dan O'Neil said the Chicago-based firm has gone through and scraped all the new crimes dating back to Jan. 1 from the LAPD site and added them to its own pool of crime stats, which The Eastsider uses for its Eastside Crime Watch. "We believe we have everything in there right now."

Good. Now all we have to worry about is our cars getting broken into.


  1. I am so glad you addressed this -- I was wondering WTF was going on!

  2. Aha! My apartment burglary was finally listed:

    Now I truly feel like a statistic :)