Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scam artsts target Spanish-speaking renters in Northeast Los Angeles

At least two renters who responded to a Spanish-language flyer advertising houses for rent have been swindled of the money they gave to persons posing as landlords of properties they did not own, police said today. Two persons believed to be responsible for the scam have been arrested but officials in the LAPD Northeast division are looking for other renters who might have also lost money in the scam which involved foreclosed homes, according to a press release:

"The suspects targeted the Hispanic community by placing flyers throughout the Northeast community. The flyers, written in Spanish, advertised homes for rent. The suspects arranged to meet with victims, presenting themselves as the legal owners of the residence. The suspects then collected money in exchange for a promise to rent the home to the victims. The victims later discovered the properties were foreclosed homes and the suspects had no connections to the properties."

Police will provide more details at a Friday morning press conference at the Northeast Division station.

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