Friday, July 3, 2009

Vandals strike at Echo Park gas station *

The new owners of Magic Gas in Echo Park had put up signs earlier this week announcing that they had finally been able to get all the fuel pumps working again. But this morning Zina Mikayelyan arrived to find that all the nozzles to the pumps had been stolen over night and that wires to the security cameras had been severed.

Mikayelyan and her partner, Art Bagousky, have already invested a substantial amount of money to create a mini-market at Magic Gas. They have been soliciting ideas from residents as to what to stock at the store. They even restored the name "Magic Gas" in response to comments from residents.

Police were on the scene this morning getting details. If you have any information, call the LAPD Northeast Division at (213) 485-2563.

* Update: Mikayelyan purchased new nozzles this morning to keep the gas flowing.


  1. that's lame, they are really nice.

  2. ugh. what is wrong with people????

  3. Yes, they are nice, it's a well stocked convenience store, reasonably priced and fuel is also below average. Whoever did this is a nihilistic creep who wants to keep the neighborhood a garbage wallow more amenable to their brand of vermin. The best revenge upright citizens can exact is to keep shopping and buying gas there.

  4. Seriously what is wrong with people? Do the no-good thugs of our city really have nothing else to do than to steal nozzles from a mom and pop operation? Not even Shell or some mega gas company but from regular folks who have a personal investment and interest in their business. It just makes me so angry when people do this kind of thing to those in their own backyard. They really just want to prey on the minds and lives of every single person who is not out there stealing and shooting people up. They want to keep us under their thumbs and scared of walking outside. Magic Gas, you keep rocking and hold your head up high.