Sunday, July 5, 2009

A violent 4th of July holiday on the Eastside *

A man described as in his 20s was shot and killed early this morning at a party in the 400 block of Estudillo Avenue in Boyle Heights, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Meanwhile, in El Sereno, police were pelted with bottles on Alhambra Avenue, said The Voice. No reports of violence in Highland Park, but there was plenty of smoke and noise.

In Echo Park, meanwhile, the hundreds of people who had gathered around Echo Park Lake were dispersed by police units on the ground (bottom picture) and in the air to avoid a repeat of incidents in recent years when some palm trees were set afire by fireworks.

"This year police herded everyone out by 9pm, loud speakers blaring: 'The park is closed, fireworks are illegal,'" said a resident who watched the scene from his home near the lake. "A helicopter swept it's light and families dispersed. Fireworks continued in the side streets late in to the night, but it was definitely quieter than last year. Less money to burn I imagine."

In addition to the usual skyrockets and firecrackers, bright red flares also floated above Echo Park north of the lake. The flares, suspended from small parachutes, were seen landing on roof tops.

* This story has been updated with new info from Echo Park.

Top photo by Alonzo D via Flickr; bottom photo by Martin Cox


  1. what about the helicopter and 20 police cars in echo park last night? looked like it was on Baxter.

  2. It was very loud in my part of HP, but I live next door to an ex-Special Forces demolition expert, so my experience might not be representative. He's a good guy, though, so I put up with it. He only really goes all out on the 4th, and if he needs to blow off some steam who am I to complain.

  3. The police sirens and helicopters hovering around EP Ave., Baxter, Preston & Vestal on the night of the 4th completely ruined our traditional 4th of July.

    Around 8:30 or 9:00 we sat on the porch waiting for the usual fantastic fireworks display that we enjoy every year. It seems to generate from Preston. Right after the first few fireworks went off, the sirens began screaming up the Ave. and soon helicopters were circling loudly with their strong beams flashing right in our eyes.

    I told my friend, "Oh, am SURE one of those friggin' hipsters called the cops -- crying about the danger and illegality of it all!" We've never had any mishaps so far -- after many years.

    Hopefully nobody was shot. . . and hopefully it wasn't some hipster tattletale. . .

  4. This is in response to Echoduck:

    Look it was probably not some friggin hipster that you referred to that called the police. Those friggin hipsters are to wasted to even know what day or zone they are in. It was probably a concerned citizen who lives there on Baxter where Mr. Eric Z, EXP leader was killed not too long ago. If you wanted to see professional fireworks you should have gone to the beach. The police are just doing what they are supposed to and I appreciate them.

  5. i doubt that some hipster called the police. there was so much going on that night, there is no way that LAPD would send 20 cars and a helicopter in response to a minor complaint. they didn't send that many cars when those people got shot.

  6. It was probably the rapidly growing crowd of post-hipster white yuppie parents who called the cops.

  7. or a latino family who was worried that their house might catch fire. keep the racist nonsense to yourself please.

  8. From a TRUE Eastsider , the coppers should of just R&R it, it was fricken fourth of july not just any day of the year. do they got to spiol everything ! just cause they had to work,don't mean they got to kill the fun ! heck they should of just enjoyed the show while they're gett'en paid! and what's up with this Eastsider L.A covering news this side of Indiana to Atlantic BLVD & Whittier BLVD to Ceasar Chavez ? EAST L.A!!! From An Eastsider