Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LAPD Northeast Newsletter: The weather and crime heated up in July

A spike in robberies, aggravated assaults and stolen vehicles in mid July made for "the worst crime week of the year" for the Northeast Division, according to Capt. Bill Murphy in the Northeast Newsletter for July 19-August 1.

Grand theft auto emerged as a major problem across Highland Park and Cypress Park while a burglar targeted residences in the Franklin Hills and Los Feliz. Highland Park also saw numerous aggravated assaults, with several incidents involving multiple victims. The number of stolen cars dropped after officers arrested some suspects believed responsible for the crimes.

Meanwhile, detectives are still searching for suspects behind the Franklin Hills and Los Feliz home burglaries. "Please do not leave your home windows open during the hot summer months - this just invites them to your house!" said Murphy.

He notes that year-to-date crime statistics through August 1 continue to run below 2008 levels:

YTD Violent Crime: Down 8.2%

YTD Property Crime: Down 19.0%

YTD Part I (total): Down 17.1%

YTD Homicide: Down 47.4% (10 vs. 19 last year)

YTD Robbery: Up 5.8% (up 15 robberies YTD )

Photo by bcmasac1 via Flickr

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