Friday, August 28, 2009

Police searching for man suspected of assaulting Echo Park girls

The man is suspected of grabbing and possibly trying to kidnap three young girls in recent months as they walked near bridges crossing the 101 Freeway in Echo Park, LAPD Detective Jon Hurd said today. At least two of the girls were alone and walking to school when the attacks occurred.

The attacks have taken place in March, July and, most recently, about a week ago when the suspect grabbed the arm of a 12 year-old girl as she and her mother walked near the Bonne Brae Street bridge over the 101 Freeway. The girls, who were all grabbed from behind and had their breasts groped, were able to get away, Hurd said.

Police are scheduled to hold a press conference on the assaults Tuesday at the Rampart Division station. They have released a community alert with more details of the suspect, who is believed to hang out on the bluffs west of Echo Park Lake.

LAPD Notices:
Community Alert
Alerta a la communidad

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  1. There is not much hope with reporting any crime these days because it requires some one dead in order police may act. It is very disappointing even though you have witness to the crime the criminals are protected and not often punished I believe lots of criminals know this and they keep doing what they want. Until you become a victim you will not realize the justice is not being served.