Friday, August 7, 2009

Think twice about drinking and driving on Saturation Sunday

An increase in DUI-related traffic accidents will prompt the LAPD to send out its "Saturation Patrol" this Sunday, August 9, across the Northeast and Rampart divisions, which include neighborhoods from Silver Lake and Echo Park to Highland Park and Eagle Rock. About 10 additional officers, mostly only motorcycle, will focus on pulling over potential drunk drivers to prevent accidents, said officer Victor Islas with the department's Community Traffic Safety Office. Islas did not have any specific figures available on the increase in drunk-driving related accidents.

"They will look for anything from unusually wide turns ... or if the light changes to green but the driver does not move," said Islas. "We will cite anybody who does not stop for pedestrians."

Why not roll out the Saturation Patrol on busy Friday and Saturday nights? Islas explained that the LAPD already deploys a large number of traffic officers on those days. Additional funding allows the LAPD to field more motorcycle cops on Sunday or other days of the week when there's a spike in accidents and DUI-related problems, he said.

"We don't have as much coverage on Sundays but it's still a busy time for DUIs" he said.

Photo by Miracle Machine via Flickr


  1. Wow, this would have been really helpful 2 hours ago. My car (in Silver Lake) just got hit by a driver who fled the scene. >={

  2. They Should Focus on the Large Number of Car Thefts and Vandalism in the Neighborhood while they are at it.. A Fine Example, last week our car was stolen in front of the house and they found it totally stripped later the same day..
    (A bare shell of the former car)
    They wouldn't even dust the car for Finger Prints because (No Crime was Committed with the car)In the words of the police officer from the northeast division. Since when is Grand theft not a crime??

  3. This isn't about DUI's. It's about the city needing more money.

  4. i agree with anonymous. If you're stopped at a green light longer, what is the harm in that? Shouldn't they catch people who make a left turn 20 seconds after the light has turned red?

    If you're an agressive driver you're fine, god forbid you lingered at a green light too long.

  5. It's not that they're giving tickets to people who wait at a green light too long. It's that sitting at a green light for too long is an indication that the driver's reflexes are slow... they're not reacting quickly, which means that it might be a good idea to pull them over and see if there's a reason for that.