Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eastside Crime Watch

Thieves made off with nine vehicles in El Sereno while robbers struck at four Boyle Heights locations and burglars were on the prowl through Elysian Valley. Here are some of the major crimes reported during the week of Sept. 21- 27 based on information from the LAPD crime map and

Echo Park & Silver Lake (90026)
Mostly vehicle related crime across the area and three personal thefts reported within a few blocks around Echo Park Lake.

Lincoln Heights & Montecito Heights (90031)
Two aggravated assaults reported in Lincoln Heights but most of the crimes were vehicle related. Three vehicles were stolen (according to LAPD crime map) on or near Avenue 26 between Pasadena Avenue and Lacy.

El Sereno & Monterey Hills (90032)
Car and truck owners should be on watch. Nine vehicles were stolen during the week.

Boyle Heights (90033)
Four violent robberies, most of them on or near Soto Street, were reported. Burglars struck at three locations near Lorena Street and the 60 Freeway (LAPD crime map).

Atwater Village & Silver Lake (90039)
Three properties were burglarized in the northern section of Elysian Valley.

Eagle Rock (90041)
Most of the crimes was vehicle related, with three cars and trucks stolen on or west of Eagle Rock Boulevard. There were also some vehicle crime - grand theft auto and thefts from vehicles- reported south and east of Occidental College.

Highland Park (90042)
Most of the crime, including a pair of stolen vehicles, a robbery, personal theft and burglary - took place on or near Figueroa between Avenue 51 and York.

Cypress Park, Glassell Park & Mt. Washington (90065)
Two thefts from vehicles were reported along San Fernando Road in Glassell Park, where there were also two burglaries. Cypress Park had two reports of grand theft auto and personal theft was reported in Mt. Washington.

This weekly report is based on the LAPD's online crime maps and police department reports filtered by ZIP code through There are sometimes discrepancies between the LAPD and EveryBlock statistics at the time when Eastside Crime Watch is compiled. Additional crimes might be added to the reports following the publication of this post.

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