Friday, September 25, 2009

Grass fire destroys Montecito Heights home

A small but fast moving fire destroyed a Montecito Heights home and two garages this afternoon on Homer Street near Avenue 43, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. A team of more than 90 firefighters put out the blaze in a little more than 30 minutes, said LAFD spokesman Erik Scott. However, the blaze, which began at about 2:3o pm, quickly destroyed a two-story, single family home.

A Montecito Heights resident said he saw sparks fly from a power line before it broke and fell, triggering the fire according to the Los Angeles Times. The fire department, however, had not determined a cause for the blaze, said Scott. Arson investigators were on the scene. Scott the said the fire was located at 4300 North Homer Street.

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  1. At this time of year and with the number of fire already encountered, why do we have so many brush/wildland fires.

    Theoretically, the LAFD has enforced its brush clearance requirements and we cut everything back 100-200ft, mulch the surface, test it with a road flare, and hope for low winds...but we still see purpose/accidental fires which cost huge amounts to "control".

    We have fewer fire trucks available and these are taken from developed flatland areas were people and property (usually 5000sqft lots with 800sqft houses and 5-8 people) are put at risk for immediate responses to brush lands - usually in the hillside areas - where the "Manors" with 10K+sqft lots, 4K-8K manors and 3-5 unless they are illegally renting...

    Does something sound "unjust" in this??

    We know where these places are; we identified some to LAFD Brush Clearance...we have Feugo and Aztecs to do the clearance...BUT LAFD does not enforce the codes on some while the little owners get sh...ted and by the City, OR the renters get burned down and made homeless.