Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Law enforcement raid targets Avenues gang

About 1,200 officers from the LAPD and federal agencies swept through Glassell Park this morning in search of members of the violent Avenues gang, the LA Times reports. Officers with warrants raided homes in search of more than 50 alleged gang members wanted on "array of federal charges related to extensive drug dealing, unsolved murders and other crimes." The operation began at 3 a.m and was coordinated from a command post located near the LAPD Police Academy in Elysian Park. Media helicopters hovered over the command post this morning.

Officials from the LAPD, City Attorney and other agencies will hold a community meeting tonight at Washington Irving Middle School to discuss the raid with residents.

Today's raid is the most recent assault against the Avenues gang, considered among the largest and most dangerous gangs in the city. Last year in June, police targeted the homes of alleged gang members along Drew Street, a gang stronghold in Glassell Park. Police celebrated the one-year anniversary of the raid and the relatively peaceful conditions it brought to the neighborhood. However, a few weeks later, Drew Street was the site the of another murder and several serious crimes.


  1. Well, that explains the noise. Thanks!

  2. Did anyone else hear a gun shot right before this raid, at maybe 2:30am ? It sounded like it was in the area of maybe Scott and Echo Park Ave?

    Also, anyone know why there seemed to be random gun shoots with an echo all Sunday afternoon. Police officers were traveling up and down Baxster, but seemed to be trying to figure it out too?

  3. This gang has been an ongoing problem since I moved here with my parents in 1969. Northeast PD has the perception that once they "clean" the neighborhood of the gangs they don't have to patrol anymore. The Drew/Estara clean up started with Slo Red Falconer back in 2005, he was the only SLO who wanted to make a difference. He thought outside the box and it annoyed Capt. Murphy. He was transferred to another station and Glassell Park, Cypress Park have NO Senior Lead Officer. What's worst, Capt. Murphy is making these SLO's do patrol duty once a week on top of their schedules. You could hear the gunshots from my house in the Drew/Estara area from a distance. These criminals are like roaches, you can get rid of them for a while but if you don't watch it, they'll come back.