Friday, September 11, 2009

Police arrest two car burlgary suspects in Silver Lake

The LAPD arrested two car burglars in the northeast section of Silver Lake last night after a lengthy search that involved helicopters in the air and police dogs on the ground. LAPD Northeast Division Watch Commander Sanford Rosenberg said this afternoon that two suspects were arrested after allegedly breaking into two cars in the area of Glendale Boulevard and Fletcher Street. A third suspect, however, got away and was still at large, he said.

Some residents in the northeast portion of Silver Lake say there has been a recent increase in vehicle thefts and break-ins, according to the Corralitas Red Car Property Blog, which has posted photos of recent car crime.

Last night's search may have netted two potential car burglars but it left behind many sleep-deprived Silver Lake residents. Not only were they kept awake by the roar of the helicopter but also by the frequent warnings issued by its crew over a loudspeaker. One resident named Jenny heard warnings like "Might as well give up ... Throw down your weapons ..." and "The dogs will bite you."

Photo by NoHoDamon via Flickr

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