Monday, September 28, 2009

What a difference a major gang raid makes

The massive raid against the Avenues gang last week has already paid off with a steep drop in crime, said LAPD Northeast Division Capt. Bill Murphy. Some of the figures Murphy shared with resident in an email newsletter today included:

"As we expected, overall crime dropped last week in the wake of the gang takedown: violent crime was down 37.5%, property crime down 27.5% and overall crime (part I) was down 28.8%. Burglary was the only crime to increase."

The number of major crimes reported last week in the Northeast Division fell to 89 from 125 the previous week, Murphy said in a separate email. Murphy did not break out the statistics by neighborhoods. The massive raid, which Murphy described as the city's largest "gang takedown," focused primarily in Glassell Park and nearby neighborhoods that serve as Avenues strongholds. More than 200 alleged gang members have been arrested in the past 16 months as part of raids against the Avenues, Toonerville and Drew Street gangs, Murphy said.

In other highlights from his report, Murphy said three burglaries were reported recently in Elysian Valley, which resulted in the increase in burglaries division wide. Also, in Echo Park, police arrested a person suspected of car break-ins.


  1. I'm still wondering what all the craziness was last Thursday night, sept 24, around 9pm when no less than 15 cop cars went speeding up figueroa, closed off a bunch of streets around the border of highland park/eagle rock and SWAT was called in...

  2. What about Sunday a.m. around 2? somewhere south of Baxter, either on Lakeshore or Glendale. helicopters, sirens, the whole bit.

  3. You can call the police department when these things are going on and ask them. Or subscribe to the police blotter.

  4. How do you subscribe to the police blotter?