Sunday, October 4, 2009

Child struck by car near Echo Park Lake

A child was struck by a car Sunday afternoon near Echo Park Lake, according to residents. Paramedics transported a pedestrian to a hospital after being struck by a vehicle at about 3 pm near Echo Park and Laguna avenues, said a Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman. The spokesman said he did not know the age of the pedestrian or the nature of the injuries. However an Echo Park resident who lives near the lake, heard the accident and went down to the scene.

"I just heard it, ran out and saw the boy on the ground," said the resident in an email. "The child's sitting up on the ground with a bunch of people looking angry at the driver."


  1. so tired of all the idiots driving like maniacs in our neighborhood. I have a kid, and it really stresses me out.

  2. This cross walk needs to be a blinking cross walk this must happen very soon