Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eastside Crime Watch

Rapes in El Sereno and Silver Lake and about 10 stolen vehicles in Boyle Heights were some of the crimes reported last week. Here is a break down of some of the crimes committed during Oct. 19-25 as found on the LAPD crime map and

Echo Park & Silver Lake (90026)
A rape on Oct. 19 was reported in the 700 block on Maltman Avenue near Bellevue Park in Silver Lake. Det. West Buhrmester with the Rampart Division said the attacker and victim knew each other. "The victim was not chosen at random, and the suspect is identified. We are in the process of interviewing involved parties at this time." In northern Echo Park and Elysian Heights, five vehicles were broken into. A burglary and aggravated assault were reported in the 1600 block of Mohawk Street.

Lincoln Heights & Montecito Heights (90031)
An aggravated assault and stolen vehicle were reported in the southern half of Elysian Valley. A violent robbery in the 4500 block of Griffin Avenue in Montecito Heights was reported.

El Sereno & Monterey Hills (90032)
A rape was reported on Huntington Drive for the second week in a row. The most recent incident occurred on Oct. 24 in the 4400 block of Huntington Drive. There were also two violent robberies along Eastern Avenue and three burglaries in residential areas.

Boyle Heights (90033)

Three violent robberies were reported on or near Cesar Chavez Avenue. About 10 vehicles were stolen across the neighborhood.

Atwater Village & Silver Lake (90039)
Three personal thefts and a pair of burglaries were reported in Atwater. An aggravated assault was reported on Fargo Street in northern Echo Park

Eagle Rock (90041)
Personal thefts were reported in the 2600 block of Colorado Boulevard and the 7300 block of Figueroa St.

Highland Park (90042)
Two aggravated assaults and two robberies were among the crimes committed.

Cypress Park, Glassell Park & Mt. Washington (90065)
Two stolen vehicles in Mt. Washington and an aggravated assault and burglary in Glassell Park were among the crimes reported.

This weekly report is based on the LAPD's online crime maps and police department reports filtered by ZIP code through There are sometimes discrepancies between the LAPD and EveryBlock statistics at the time when Eastside Crime Watch is compiled. Additional crimes might be added to the reports following the publication of this post.

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