Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eastside Crime Watch

Rapes in Boyle Heights and Echo Park and a large number of vehicle thefts in El Sereno were among the major crimes reported last week. Here are some of the crimes reported during the week of Oct. 5-11 based on information from the LAPD crime map and

Echo Park & Silver Lake (90026)

A rape was reported on Park Avenue near Echo Park Lake on October 7. About a dozen vehicles, mostly in Echo Park, were broke into. There were also at least 8 reports of stolen vehicles, with four of them in Echo Park immediately north of Sunset Boulevard.

Lincoln Heights & Montecito Heights (90031)

If the online reports are accurate, there was very little crime reported during the past week with the exception of a burglary in Montecito Heights and a stolen vehicle and personal theft in Lincoln Heights.

El Sereno & Monterey Hills (90032)
Watch your cars: At least 10 vehicles were reported stolen in El Sereno; Monterey Hills had three vehicle break-ins.

Boyle Heights (90033)
A rape was reported Friday night on the 1400 block of Cesar Chavez Avenue near the 10 Freeway. A pair of violent robberies and an aggravated assault were reported northeast of the County USC Medical Center. At least 10 vehicles were stolen across the area, and six personal thefts were reported in the southern part of the neighborhood, roughly between Whittier and Olympic boulevards.

Atwater Village & Silver Lake (90039)
A trio of burglaries reported in Atwater along with several cases of stolen vehicles and vehicle break-ins across Atwater and Silver Lake.

Eagle Rock (90041)

Four personal thefts were reported in the northwest section of the area were among the crimes reported.

Highland Park (90042)
Three violent robberies were reported across the neighborhood. Five vehicles were stolen north of York Boulevard and three burglaries were reported on or near Figueroa.

Cypress Park, Glassell Park & Mt. Washington (90065)
Two burglaries in Glassell Park and a personal theft and stolen vehicle in Mt. Washington were among the crimes reported.

This weekly report is based on the LAPD's online crime maps and police department reports filtered by ZIP code through There are sometimes discrepancies between the LAPD and EveryBlock statistics at the time when Eastside Crime Watch is compiled. Additional crimes might be added to the reports following the publication of this post.

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  1. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Detective DivisionOctober 20, 2009 at 12:15 PM

    I apologize for the delay in posting this, I just saw this post re crimes in 90026. Regarding the rape in Echo Park, this was a former boyfriend who was visiting the victim, became drunk, then accosted her. It is in the investigative stages. It was not a random victim, and there is no serial or similar type predatory rapist on the loose in Echo Park.