Thursday, October 8, 2009

Highland Park is not as scary as you think - or at least not as scary as Philadelphia

Photo by Waltarrrr/Flickr

News of a massive police raid against the deadly Avenues gang and shootings that leave half a dozen people injured might leave some Occidental College students reluctant about leaving their tranquil Eagle Rock campus. But a story in the campus paper, the Occidental Weekly, about the gang raids in "neighboring communities" said that students shouldn't fear wandering into nearby Highland Park or Glassell Park. For one thing, an LAPD sergeant told the paper that Oxy students "don't need to worry about being mistaken for gang members."

The Oxy students quoted in the story said their classmates had nothing to fear about Highland Park and offered these observations:

"... because a lot of people come from places that are aesthetically better looking, they think Highland Park is ghetto."

"Compared to Philly, it's pretty darn safe."

No word on how Glassell Park compares to either Highland Park or Philadelphia in terms of safety or aesthetics.


  1. Wow. This was from The Onion, right?

  2. You can never compare Philly (Dez Nutz) with our Highland Park Varrio....