Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Motorist dies in 110 freeway accident in Highland Park

A woman was pronounced dead at the scene of an accident tonight on the northbound 110 freeway near Avenue 60, the Los Angeles Fire Department said. The woman's car, which according to some reports hit a tree, came close to plunging into the Arroyo Seco, said LAFD spokesman Eric Scott. It was not clear what role tonight's storm played in the accident, which was reported at about 6:45 PM.

Traffic was jammed as the California Highway Patrol closed lanes and declared a Sig-Alert. One Echo Park resident said by email that her vehicle sat in traffic for 45 minutes as she watched rescue workers used the equipment to open up the car involved in the accident.

Meanwhile, on the 5 Freeway, a collapsed crane tied up traffic near Dodger Stadium, according to the LA Times. The CHP lifted a Sig-Alert at about 7:30 PM

The CHP said that as of 8 PM it had received reports of about 700 accidents on Los Angeles County freeways today compared to about 230 incidents reported on the same day last week.

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  1. I was in that traffic, as well. I was able to get off at the Ave 60 exit luckily. I'm so sorry to read there was a death there. :( There's alway accidents on that sharp turn of the fwy. Please be safe, and slow down out there people. If someone wants to drive faster than you and pass, just let them. It's not worth a race to get home a little early.

  2. every time it rains....

  3. Radio news said someone went over the side this morning, the very next morning. I wonder if it was at the same spot? Portions of the arroyo-side fencing disappear from time to time - like after someone sideswipes it, and they don't always get replaced that quickly, making it just that much easier for the next person to go straight into the drink.