Sunday, October 4, 2009

Six people injured in Highland Park shooting *

The LAPD said that six people were injured in Highland Park Saturday night in what is believed to be a gang related shooting near Avenue 54 and Monte Vista Street. All the victims were in stable condition, LAPD spokesman Gregory Baek said this morning. He said he was not aware of any arrests.

The LA Times reports that the occupants of a car opened fire on a house party. Police said they believe some of the victims were members of the Dogtown gang while the shooters were from the Avenues gang. The Avenues gang was the target of a major police raid on Sept 22.

One Highland Park resident who lives near the shooting scene reported hearing multiple shots at about 10 pm. "Just heard a bunch of gun shots from my window, people screaming," said the resident in an email. "The cops are out in force."

* This story has been updated.

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