Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Police capture suspect in Highland Park stabbing and Glassell Park shooting

The LAPD has made arrests in connection with two separate incidents involving a deadly knife-fight in Highland Park and a shooting in Glassell Park in which a car carrying several children was hit by gunfire.

Officers arrested a man today suspected of being involved in a weekend knife fight that left two Highland Park men dead in the 100 block of East Avenue 45, said Northeast Division Capt. Bill Murphy in an email newsletter. Murphy also said that the victim of a separate Highland Park stabbing "is still in extremely critical condition and may not survive." The victim was knifed by a man at a taco stand in a dispute believed to be over a woman, Murphy said.

Police on Friday arrested a man suspected of firing a bullet into a car carrying several children on Drew Street in Glassell Park, Murphy said in his email.

"A mother who was driving a vehicle with several children in it felt something hit her car. She examined the car and observed a bullet hit. She called the police and several officers responded quickly. They sealed the area off and using good police techniques, identified the suspect involved in the incident and arrested him. Four other suspects were arrested for other crimes (probation violations, etc..)."

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